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The Background

Fuse Lab and Trimegah Sekuritas’ story go way back when we were doing their Annual Reports and miscellaneous external comms tools between 2016 and 2018.

It wasn’t until 2019, when the Indonesian youth started to realize the importance of personal finance, that we started talking about developing social media content. The challenge was clear: How can we help Trimegah Sekuritas stay relevant amidst the emergence of newer, fresher, investment companies?

The Solution

No Investments Grow Overnight

Our thinking of approaching the project was that of an investor. Simply saying we are the most experienced and we know best wouldn’t gain us large profits and market share overnight.

Sure, market analysis and fundamentals are important. But what exactly was the new wave of retail investors looked for?

The answer was relatability. We maintained the trustworthiness of the brand while injecting a healthy dose of playfulness into our social media content with easy to understand languages, making even the most technical topis less intimidating to those just starting out.

Notable Projects

In our 5 years young relationship, we’ve done some uber cool, award-winning collaborative projects with Trimegah Sekuritas.

Trimegah eLearning (2018-2019)

The idea of investing never sounded simple, because it isn’t… or is it? We helped Trimegah Sekuritas produce 150+ easy to understand videos for their educational platform Trimegah eLearning, winning Forbes Indonesia Best of the Best Awards 2019 in the process.

Trimaberkah (2021)

When it comes to gaining recognition, Indonesian brands look to the Holy Month of Ramadan. We came up with the initiative to take Trimegah Sekuritas’ brand relatability by bringing up everyday topics through Instagram Live series during the period, involving multiple KOLs and digital activities.

Bisa Bikin Bangga (2021)

We believe that victories are to be celebrated. And thankfully, Trimegah Sekuritas does, too. In Bisa Bikin Bangga, we orchestrated a year-long digital campaign with Indonesia’s biggest figures to educate and inspire the youth about the importance of taking pride in what we do everyday.

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What do they think about Fuse Lab?

SUPERB! Kerja bareng bertahun-tahun dengan creative agency yang gak pernah ngecewain! Keep up the good work guys, you guys rock!”

Miranti, Trimegah Sekuritas Marketing Communications

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