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The Background

Up until the 2010s, Bluebird was the leading transportation company across the nation. But out of the blue, the green army appears, causing significant losses in market share and consumer base.

We knew a radical change was needed, but there wasn’t so much time.

This is the story of how Fuse Lab and Bluebird collaborated to ensure that the famous blue taxi remains soaring on Indonesia’s roads and skies.

The Solution


When we started working together in 2017, we quickly realized that competing with the emerging online transportation apps just wasn’t gonna cut it.

Instead of fighting a losing battle, we went back to basics and asked a simple question: what makes Bluebird... Bluebird?

And that was what we built our solution around. We differentiated ourselves from the competition by championing best in class services, well-maintained fleet of owned vehicles, and standardized professional drivers as the main communication points across all channels.

Innovating > Surviving

Despite the hard, uncertain times, Bluebird remains committed to innovating throughout the years. And we’re proud to be standing with them, together.

e-Taxi Launch (2019)

It’s fast. It’s eco-friendly. But more importantly, it’s Tesla! Bluebird and Fuse Lab launched the country’s first electric taxi fleet and if that’s not the coolest thing ever, we don’t know what is.

BirdKirim (2020)

The pandemic taught us many things, and one of them was that express delivery is the way to go. BirdKirim was our answer to providing affordable, reliable solution to the consumer’s needs.

MyBluebird 5 (2021)

Bluebird has always has an app, but it was… outdated. That was MyBluebird 5 launched in early 2021 with a sleek new interface and full-fledged features, supported by world-class backend technology.

Numbers? Numbers!






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Strong messaging framework, eye-catching visual, and more importantly good communication has been the foundation of our colaboration with Blue Bird Group.

What do they think about Fuse Lab?

I have had a super time with everyone at Fuse Lab. It has been extremely enjoyable and you all have shown your true colors. I will strongly recommend Fuse Lab to any of my contacts and I also look forward to possibly working with you in the future.”

Daniel Tumiwa, Blue Bird Group Chief Marketing Officer

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